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Gaping blouse + no bra = sexy picture

Hmmm, I'm a little sceptical about this. I don't like to put posed nude pictures on this site, this is all about the accidental nudity, not the 'I'll-accidentally-on-purpose-show-my-tits-to-boost-my-career' pics. English actress and singer Billie Piper is smirking and must know that all the buttons on her shirt are undone! But I quite fancy her so I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and will pretend to think she doesn't know her right breast is practically hanging out of her top. By the way, it's a pretty saggy looking breast for a 24 year old - she must have the same bra-fitter as Kirsten Dunst...

Billie Piper

Nice face, shame about the tits

Ironically though if Claire Danes actually had any breasts this wouldn't be a decent downblouse. I mean, if that was Anne Hathaway or Lindsay Lohan sitting there with the MTV mike in her hand, all we'd see is a sexy cleavage shot. But because Claire's A cups are so small all it takes is a quick look down her top and we've got a full-on total view of her boob. Which is good really. So thank goodness the lord above blessed Clare with a tiny rack.

Claire Danes

Look how easy it is to get laid tonight!

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Maria serves up a treat

I am led to believe this photo is actually a year old, but I'd never seen it before so I'm posting it today. Most tennis players wear sports bras if they're wearing a dress that isn't figure hugging, so it's quite surprising to see nubile Russian star Maria Sharapova opted for an outfit which easily falls away from her body as she serves. It's a shame there's no nipple on view, but it's still an excellent view of what are - it must be said - some wonderfully pert looking breasts.

Maria Sharapova

Gravity helps us see Maria's lovely hangers

Is Maria Menounos laughing for the same reason we're laughing - that we can see down her dress? I doubt it. It's a shame she isn't laughing a little harder and bending over a teeny bit more actually, then we'd get some nipple action. And she could've worn her hair up today, it's obscuring the view slightly. Selfish bitch.

Maria Menounos

British singer Lily Allen accidentally shows her tit

Now this is a perfect downblouse. Unsuspecting victim bends over, is wearing a loose top, is braless and we her nipple and pretty much the whole of her breast - fantastic. And not only that, but she's cute too. I think Lily Allen is hot although I know a number of guys who don't. Maybe it's because she's pretty in a normal, attainable kinda way in that an average guy would stand a chance with her if he tried chatting her up in a bar, whereas if Mr Average Looking approached Jessica Simpson in a bar he'd crash and burn for sure.

Lily Allen

Coochy coochy coo, look at my titty

The baby in that pram doesn't realise how lucky it is. He is getting a close-up view of Kate Bosworth's boobs. Admittedly she could do with a few visits to McDonalds to put some pounds on that skinny frame of hers and boost those jugs up a bit, but downblouses work best on chicks with small racks anyway because you can often see the nipple instead of just cleavage. As is the case in this pic.

Kate Bosworth

A quick peek down Sienna Miller's shirt

Another small breasted celeb goes bra-less, wears a loose shirt and bends over unaware that the paparazzi are hidden round the corner with a telephoto lens. Great stuff Sienna Miller, thanks for the peek.

Sienna Miller