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Diane Kruger's wet see thru nipple

Beautiful actress Diane Kruger probably tried on her bikini in the store and thought yes, that'll do nicely, it covers me up well and preserves my modesty. What she didn't do was test what happens when it gets wet, because as you can see in this awesome photo of her exiting the ocean after a quick dip, her top is now transparent!

Diane Kruger

Britney's see through nips

Britney Spears kept her tits contained for once, but her nipples were still plainly visible beneath her thin top. It might have been different had she been wearing a bra, but we know Britney doesn't bother to wear underwear anymore.

Britney Spears

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Mariah's see through boob

A bright flash, a big smile and a thin black dress worn bra-less is all it took for this cool picture of Mariah Carey's transparent right booby.

Mariah Carey

Madonna's wet t-shirt look

Now why anybody would get excited about a wet t-shirt photo of Madonna is beyond me when you can see her tits, ass and pussy every day of the week by putting "Madonna nude" into Google, but for those of you who like the shirt-clinging-to-the-nipple look, here she is.


Holy X-ray vision Batman, look at those nips!

I love these pics, they make me feel like a superhero using my x-ray powers for devilish purposes. To be fair to Sadie Frost, this wasn't an attention-seeking 'ooh, are my nipples showing, please take my photo' incident. It's a genuine gotcha from the paparazzi as poor Sadie even wore a bra to preserve her modesty, but the mighty x-ray vision of the lens was too much for that layer too - hurrah!

Sadie Frost

Has someone stolen ALL of Britney's bras?

Nowadays, even when Britney Spears is fully clothed and sober she still gives the press a reason to take her picture. In fact in this picture she's given them two reasons, two very good reasons... what do you think those might be?

Britney Spears

Kyla Pratt premieres her nipple

For the first time we get to see some form of nudity from Kyla Pratt now that the pretty child actress is all grown up (she was in the Dr Dolittle movies). This is a great photo actually because it shows the effect good lighting and flash photography can have on a thin top. Check her right breast and you can't see through it, which is how it looks in real life and how she'll have seen herself in the mirror before going out. But check the left one once the light has hit it - hello sexy brown nip!

Kyla Pratt

Demi wears a semi see through top

Demi Moore may be 44 but the ex Mrs Willis still has a great body and some great boobs (thanks to a surgeon's help about 10 years ago). So here's the left one for your viewing pleasure.

Demi Moore

Elizabeth Vargas' rack is nice but saggy

Oh Elizabeth, I know you're not that used to being photographed but surely you know better than to face the full glare of a paparazzi flashbulb braless? Even if you're wearing a black dress that the human eye can't see through the wonders of technology mean not only can we make out your nipple, but we can even see you've got nice big areolas too.

Elizabeth Vargas

Swimmer wears transparent swimsuit

20 year old French swimming champion Laure Manaudou wears a very thin, skin-tight swim-suit that the photographers' flash is able to penetrate very nicely. Check out her big areolas below.

Laure Manaudou

Elle wears stunning (and revealing) outfit

Aussie supermodel Elle MacPherson shows she still has an awesome figure when she wears a slinky black top which luckily is made of very sheer material. So as soon as the photographer's flash hits it we get to see her tits. Nice.

Elle MacPherson

Sienna Miller's transparent summer outfit

There are so many reasons to love summer... the feel of the sun on your back; eating ice-cream in the park; girls going topless on the beaches; and of course celebrities like Sienna Miller wearing thin summer shirts that the bright sun makes practically see thru.

Sienna Miller

Ashley's wet see-thru nips

For some reason Ashley Judd has gotten her lovely summer dress all wet at the Indy 500 and like any good attention-seeking celebrity, she's not wearing a bra. Which means we get to see her nipples. Which is kinda cool.

Ashley Judd

Posh Spice's nipples straining at the leash

Wow, they're some big nips David gets to suck on. So big they manage to poke through her bra and t-shirt to give us a good look. I still think Victoria Beckham has had those puppies surgically enhanced. Even though she denies it, they just don't look a natural shape to me.

Victoria Beckham